dabble_boy (dabble_boy) wrote in fireflyfans,

teaser poster

I didn't see anything about it once I had started my post so I thought I'd bring up this tidbit.

As much as I would like to pretend the site doesn't exist, AICN has got a picture of the teaser poster for Serenity. It's sort of blandly familiar yet I still sort of like it, but it doesn't seem to play up any angle about the movie. No pimping the fact it's from an Academy award nominee (although I do believe they save that for print ads), no western or Chinese aspects, nothing given away the fact the movie would involve real people and isn't an animated feature at all for that matter...

They kept the same type of font which I love, but I think the ship design is pretty different and it looks a little curvier than I remember. I thought the "head" was once a bit blockier and had some more angles to it?
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