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Firefly is coming soon..but Riddick is here now!

I just got back from seeing The Chronicles of Riddick and I must say....all of you Sci Fi fans out there.......This movie was AWSOME! If you've seen the Dune mini Series there was a similar feel to it in Riddick...Just the grand scale of it all. If you liked Pitch Black (I mean come on..who didn't right?) Then you will love this movie. The special effects alone make it worth seeing.
No spoilers from me, but trust me well worth seeing. On the bonus side..my theater had not only the trailer for the new Aliens Vs Predator movie (how is it Lance Henriksen is in another alien movie?) But also the Trailer for the Bourne Suprmecy. Showing these back to back just before Riddick began got me so hyped that I was just loving every second once the movie started.

Go see..enjoy...and look for another Riddick movie in about two years.(Twohy has the next three scripts ready to go from what I understand)

(Two by two....Hands of blue)
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