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Into the Black - an episodic Firefly game - now casting for season two!

Four mismatched ships. Three dark secrets. Two great forces. One fleeting dream.

A universe of opportunities.

The long-awaited season two of Into the Black is starting up soon! Into the Black is an episodic Firefly game, with gameplay taking place over Greatest Journal and through chat. We have our own IRC chatrooms set up for the game. Chat is completely optional though, if you're not a chat type person, or scenes can be done over AIM if you prefer that to IRC. Or play via posts only, it's all good. We're flexible. Players will be given the opportunity to make a character sheet using the Serenity RPG system (if you are unfamiliar with the system or just need some help, mod will assist). It is also possible to play the game if you are unfamiliar with the Firefly show / Serenity movie, as we are a primarily AU setting with a focus on original characters and plots in addition to canon favorites.

At this time, the following Serenity crew canon characters are OPEN for applications:

Inara Sera
Shepherd Derrial Book

You may also apply as any other character that has appeared in an episode of Firefly (or in the Serenity movie, within reason) , or with an original character. Original characters are very welcome in this game, as we focus around the activities of four different ships and not just the original cast. The four ships are Serenity , Starflare , Walden , and Jupiter. Each ship has its own specific goals during an episode. At times they work together - at times the ships will be doing different things.

In addition to Inara and Book, there are two more slots for crewmembers/passengers on Serenity. Starflare has room for ten more, and Walden has room for five. The Jupiter is full up.

The game is very plot-driven, and there is a lot of opportunity for character development, interaction, and adventure! This is a fun game - it's not about the sexin', and it's not about the Mary-Sue-Special-Snowflake, so please don't waste our time and yours by applying if you're just looking for cyber for your Sue. We are seeking mature, drama-free players who enjoy gaming and having fun.

Application information is available at the website and OOC community. Don't like applications? Contact Lab Arc Designs over AIM and audition in 'person' with your character concept.

Website: http://www.labarc.com/Black/ / IC community / OOC community

About us: Lab Arc Designs is a gaming group that has been continuously running quality online games since our founding in 1997 . Not interested in Firefly? Check out one of our other current games, Sunnydale OSI. Coming soon: Oregon Trail: The RPG! To keep up with news and updates from Lab Arc Designs, join arcology
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