JulieR (julesong) wrote in fireflyfans,

Foodie site | Firefly, etc (xposted)

Last night I found an interesting foodie place called GroupRecipes that's sort of a combination of MySpace, RecipeZaar, Live Journal, and other places.  Fun!

You can see my profile page here.

I started a Big Damn Chefs group there, too. :)  There we can chat about all thing browncoatian, especially food! It's cool because you can add recipes specifically to groups while they remain under your account, and you can edit them at any time.

The recipe and editing processes at GroupRecipes is instantaneous, which is pretty cool (unlike RecipeZaar, where it takes a while).  So we can enter recipes that are specifically of the Big Damn Chefs and Firefly type and they're available right awy.  Neat, huh?  :)

Plus we can always spread the word and find new browncoats, which is always shiny.  *grin*

Update: and ooo, they have nifty widgets!

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