Rob (nuclophobic) wrote in fireflyfans,

Hi. I just joined this community and I'll probably be posting a few icons that I've made, sometime in the near future. I only started watching Firefly and Serenity last week (zomg.), but I've really, really, really, really gotten into it. It's brilliant and I have NO idea why it was ever cancelled because it is awesomeness. Well, aside from Fox being Fox. Anyway, I was wondering if I was allowed to post about my little cafepress shop. I'm trying to save up some money and so I made a couple of Firefly T-Shirt designs that are in the shop. I'll probably be changing the designs each week (so I guess they're limited edition?). Hmmm. Anyway, here it is:
There are only three t-shirts at the moment, but as I said they'll change. Thanks.
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