That Word Grrl (formerly BetNoir) (thatwordgrrl) wrote in fireflyfans,
That Word Grrl (formerly BetNoir)

Regarding the cancellations

Dunno who has seen it, but this seems to be the most likely accurate telling of what happened.

FOX indeed does appear to have been caught in the middle, facing huge fines from SAG and having no recourse but to issue the cease and desist.

That being said, I think this was a giant wad of miscommunication on the part of all the players involved.

On the other hand, it does appear that they are all attempting to work together to come to some sort of deal that is fair to all parties involved.

Which also reinforces my sincere belief that current US copyright laws are in dire need of overhaul.

More and mroe fans are taking ownership of the original property and morphing it into another form. And there should be some way for the law to account for that.
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