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What is a writer, really?

 If getting paid for your work defines "a writer," then no, I'm not a writer. 

But as an educated woman who has identified as "a writer" since early childhood, I hereby claim the right to answer "write" when asked "what do you do?"   Am I a member of the WGA?  No.  Am I a writer:  one who writes something/anything almost every single day, simply because to do otherwise is unthinkable?  Yes.  I am a writer.  

(Along with loving mom, loyal yet smartass friend, kick-ass rocker chick, hot wife over 40, total comic nerd, sci-fi geek, etc.  But none of that is pertinent to this very timely post, so, moving on ....)

So I'm using my one politically-inspired thought for the day/week/month to remind everyone here of the extraordinary importance of both supporting the striking writers, and hoping for a quick and satisfying resolution for the members of the WGA.  (The "quick" part is completely selfish; c'mon, do you really want to lose FNL, House, Chuck, Grey's, etc. indefinitely?)  Wait ....

Actually, screw that - take a moment to imagine a world without Cap'n Reynolds!  Feeling good about that scenario?

Yeah, me neither.  So, if you are moved to do so, feel free to repost/pimp this supportive banner as you see fit!

awesome banner credited to:  myspace's Jen (aka Team PARDY's Mostly Fearless Leader)

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