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December 12th. Blazer Tag. The Battle of Serenity Valley.

Do you have it in you to change the tide of the fictional future-history? Can you bring the Browncoats to victory at last? The future is now and the war's not over yet- it's only just begun. Join other Austin, Texas Browncoats as we re-enact The Battle of Serenity Valley to the not-actually-at-all-bloody end.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 Blazer Tag Adventure Center will be exclusively Browncoat territory from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Don't want to play tag? No problem! There will be side games, a full arcade and even a rock climbing wall!

Come in costume! There will be prizes for costumes and tag and game play including $25 gift certificates to Target and iTunes, free Blazer Tag game passes, gift baskets and more! Free Serenity posters for everyone!

There are only 33 player spots available for laser tag but anyone can come for the party. There will be free food, plenty to do and best of all - Browncoats! Laser tag player tickets are $20. Non-player suggested donation is $10. Forty percent our proceeds will go to the local charity Emancipet.

For more information and to purchase laser tag tickets please visit -
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