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Episodes 6 and 7

Spoilers under the cut.

EPISODE SIX: "Our Mrs. Reynolds"
*Hilarious opening scene. Just seeing Mal in a woman's bonnet totally made the episode for me! lol. Although, I must disagree with Jayne; I definately don't think that Mal is a "powerful ugly creature." Even in a nasty bonnet.

*This episode definately started with a twist out of left field, with Saffron claiming that Mal was her husband. Mal's double take was awesome. I love how the rest of the crew, especially Zoe and Wash, were so amused by the marriage, while Kaylee was actually genuinely happy even though Mal didn't even know who Saffron was.

*MAL: "How drunk was I last night?" JAYNE: "I don't know. I passed out." lol.

*My favourite line of the entire episode, though, was the part regarding Book's "special level of hell" where Mal will spend time with "child molesters and people who talk in the theatre." LMAO! I hate when people talk during movies. Book is totally awesome.

*There were tons of great little moments between characters in this episode, all of which were funny. I loved Jayne trying to trade "Vera" for Saffron. Or Wash trying to describe the planet he once went too where the people juggle baby geese. :)

*At first I really liked Saffron. Sure, she supposedly came from "a dumb planet" as Mal so eloquently put it, but I thought that once she came out of her shell she'd stop being so submissive and become an interesting love interest for Mal. THEN, she went all evil. I didn't realize she'd do such a quick change in character. However, despite the fact that she tried to kill Mal, her kiss with him was tres hot!

*Wash's embarrassed and ackward rejection of Saffron was a highlight. I'm glad he remained loyal to Zoe. Wash/Zoe are too cute.

*One thing was a little inclear to me. Saffron went through that whole elaborate plan just to help destroy Serenity and steal the parts? That doesn't really seem worth it to me. Or did I miss something?

*I loved the final scene. I totally love how Mal didn't clue in to the fact that Inara was poisoned because she kissed HIM, and not Saffron.

*Overall, it was an entertaining episode, mostly for the witty lines and character ackwardness around Saffron. It wasn't one of my favourites, but it's Firefly nonetheless.

EPISODE SEVEN: "Jaynestown"
*Jayne's disguise wins (goggles and a big brown jacket with a hood). lol.

*I was happy to see more River in this episode. She's so interesting and she was barely given any screen time in "Our Mrs. Reynolds." She and Book had great scenes together, especially the part where she wanted to "fix" the Bible because it was "broken" and "doesn't make sense." For someone like me who finds people's different religious beliefs a fascinating topic for debate, I thought this scene opened a lot of doors for some potentionally great exchanges between River and Book regarding Christianity. I love River's rational thoughts versus Book's faith in a higher power. Plus, there's the whole notion that Mal lost his faith after the war. I hope more is done with these religious complexities in later episodes (although I may be asking too much seeing as the show was cancelled before its time).

*How awesome was Jayne's hero song? lol. When the whole bar started singing, the reactions of Jayne, Mal, Wash, Simon and Kaylee were priceless! I was thinking it was kind of strange that Jayne, of all the characters, would be the one who would have a statue built in his honour. I loved how we find out that Jayne had only accidentally dropped the money from his ship, onto the poor people. THAT'S more like Jayne.

*River freaking out at Book's crazy hair was priceless. And Zoe's "whoaaa!" when she saw him stick his head out of his bedroom door was great as well. I really liked how Book and Zoe tried to coax River out of the hole she was hiding in. Just the idea of anyone hiding from someone else's hairstyle is great.

*I'm not the biggest fan of Kaylee. She's too overly sensitive sometimes. She got angry with Simon (again) because he was embarrassed that they were found snuggling by Mal. Does this girl pout over everything? He was drunk and then hungover! That's not exactly the time when most men are sweet.

*I really liked the final moment between Mal and Jayne back aboard Serenity. I know some of you commented on my last episode post about how much you dislike Jayne. I don't think he's all that bad, actually. Sure, he comes off as arrogant sometimes but, if anything, I think this episode proved him to be a decent guy. Yes, he was enjoying all the attention he got at first but he realized he didn't deserve it and felt especially bad when that young guy sacrificed his life at his expense. I really liked how Mal tried to make him feel better by pointing out that it wasn't him that the people worshipped, but the idea of a hero they so desperately needed.

*I liked this episode more than "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and I'm not sure why. I liked how the focus was on Jayne (we get to see him as more than just "the asshole") and I just thought that a lot of the character interactions built a lot on their personalities.
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