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      I'm so excited I've finally discovered livejournal and all its benefits. Such as a firefly community! I'm an out and proud browncoat who lives in Northern Ireland, it's not as backwater as you think-yes-we do have electricity and henceforth television! 

This is my first time 'cutting' so if it doesn't work, I apologise! My name's Robyn. I'm 17. Female. I bought Serenity whilst it was on sale, watched it instantly as I'm somewhat of a sci-fi nut.

 Living with only several channels means I hadn't seen any quality sci-fi since way back when sci-fi was huge. When you'd be able to watch Farscape, Star-Trek, Smallville and Stargate once at least everyday. That was when I was like ten years old-so I've been out of the loop for a long time! 

But yes, upon discovering Serenity I became instantly addicted-I think I watched it like three times that day. When I found out Serenity once was Firefly, I instantly bought it. Ever since I've been addicted, buying comics, books etc. etc. I'm so happy now I know somebody can actually share my addiction with me! So expect me on here alot. 'Cause I'm serious when I say-I love Firefly!
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