I'm not silly, I'm just seriously impaired (relsqui) wrote in fireflyfans,
I'm not silly, I'm just seriously impaired

Hiya--technically a new member, although I've been reading over testing4l's shoulder for a while. (He's the good man that introduced me to Firefly.)

I've been making some art for Browncoats (if you sign up, I'd appreciate a mention of Ambisinister). This banner is over the 14k maximum, but I didn't have the heart to kill the quality, so I thought I'd pass it along for you guys. Obviously, pass it on at will (I'll put some HTML for it under the cut).

Edit: Okay, I found out how to make links change buddy icons, so here's some other stuff too. These are things I've submitted already but haven't been accepted yet--some basic icons and two more banners. (If I were feeling less lazy and my mouse weren't out of batteries, I'd recreate the nicer version of this animated banner--that is, the way it looked before I shortened and dirtied it to meet the size requirement.)

Here's the code to link to a buddy icon. Naturally, replace CHARACTER with the character in question. (All lowercase; "mal," not "malcolm," and just plain "book.") Note: the icon-changing link only works if you're using real AIM, not gaim or some such.

And two more banners. To link to these, use the code for the banner above, replacing "crewbanner" with either "warbanner" or "riverbanner."

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