beck_a_la (beck_a_la) wrote in fireflyfans,

Hey there, fellow Browncoats!

Hello all!
I found this community a few days ago, and got SUPER excited! (Already have a new icon, and everything! Thanks moodymuse19!) Glad to see there are other Browncoats out there on Livejournal.

Here's my story of how I came to love Firefly the way I do.
Last summer, when I was home from school, my dad was watching an episode of Firefly on dvd. I asked him what it was, and he was like 'You remember that awesome movie Serenity? This is the show it came from!' and I said '...What movie Serenity?' Long story short, my dad swore that we had watched Serenity together at some point in the past (definitely didn't happen) but I sat down and started watching with him anyway, and here I am now!

Anyways, I just wanted to drop in and say hi (read: stop being a creepy lurker). So... hi!
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