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Can’t Stop the Serenity Charity Screenings in 2008 – Volunteers Wanted

2008 is finally here! And with it is another year of ‘Can’t Stop the Serenity’ charity screenings.

If you’re not familiar with ‘Can’t Stop the Serenity’ (CSTS), this is a global charity event centered around screenings of ‘Serenity’. It all began in 2006, when 47 cities across the world held events to raise money for human rights organisation, ‘Equality Now’. Over US$65,000 was raised in that first year. The event continued in 2007, with 46 cities raising over US$115,000. In 2008, the goal is US$150,000 with 55 cities set to participate.

Since it’s beginnings, Australian Browncoats have been a key part of events. And in 2008, we would like to see this tradition continue. We hope to have events happening across Australia on 4-6 July 2008.

To help things along, we have formed a CSTS Australia & New Zealand Coordination Team (CSTS ANZ). We have already lined up lots of amazing auction items for participating cities, and our aim is to help make the process as easy as possible for each area by assisting with media, promotion, logistics and planning.

If you are interested in joining the CSTS Australia & New Zealand Coordination Team, or would like to help organise an event in your area, please email

We will be hosting a group chat session on Sunday 3 February at 8pm to answer any questions and to do some brainstorming. Please let us know if you’re interested in attending and we will provide you with access information.

We look forward to seeing you all at ‘Can’t Stop the Serenity 2008’!

Keep flying,

Jen Cummings
CSTS Australia & New Zealand
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