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guilt post

Yeah, since I joined I've posted, what, twice? Bad me.

You know a science fiction show is good when people love it who normally don't watch or read science fiction (being more of a fantasy fan, myself). I wish I'd known about it when it was on the air. But I got to watch it on a marathon on the sci fi channel. I remember the first episode I saw; the last ten minutes of Shindig, where Mal has Atherton at swordpoint. It looked like some kind of fantasy show, what with the swords and all, and so I thought I'd watch it and see what it was about. I nearly flipped channells when I thought Mal was about to go into a B.S. lecture along the lines of "I will spare your life, because if I kill you I will sink down to your level," but he goes and stabs the guy, and I was like YES! That was awesome. And then it wasn't a fantasy show at all, 'cause then there was a spaceship, and then there were freaking cows on the spaceship--well, I was hooked, even though it turned out to be sci fi and not fantasy.

And now my brother and sister like it, too, and one day when my dad is less busy I'll get him to watch it, 'cause I know he likes science fiction. And Westerns!
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