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Wonderful opportunity for southeastern FIREFLY fans!

FIREFLY/SERENITY fans in the southeastern part of the USA have something delightful to look forward to! 

FIREFLY LARP (Live Action Roleplay)
Paris Mountain State Park
April 18-20

Members of the Greenville SC Browncoats, as Twisted Mind Productions, are hosting this fabulous event. If you've ever wished that you could spend a few days in the wonderful 'verse Joss Wheedon envisioned, now you can. The setting is the rim world of New Haven, with participants having the opportunity to play either locals or visiting spacers. 

Wanna be a Companion, a hired gun, a purplebelly or a petty businessman with a very fine hat? Plan your character, dress yourself up and join us! The cost is reasonable, the menu for meals is amazing and housing will be available on and off-site. This group has a fabulous attention to detail and the setting and decore are just wonderful.

Members of the US Armed Forces and of the 76th Batallion will receive a discount - just mention at registration!

Yours truly gets to have the fun of running the local cat house, with bigbadman working "Security".  (And BTW, I can still use some boys and girls on my staff.  *wink* )

For details, check out their site at  SHORE LEAVE AT NEW HAVEN  

Y'all come on out!




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