Regina et Imperatrix (shy_dramaqueen) wrote in fireflyfans,
Regina et Imperatrix

Joss Whedon - wifebeater, rapist, vegetarian

I want to make a statement on behalf of every feminist in the world: Joss Whedon is not one of us. He might claim to be, but it's so easy to disprove it isn't even funny. I can prove it based on just the shortest of his series: Firefly.

Let me knock down the easy ones first: the "doctor" (because giving a female character a title is all you need to to do make her seem liberated and independent). Here we have the stereotypical, pregnant-and-barefoot (or just a matter of time, anyway) victim!female. Always catering to the wishes of her violently crazy, psychopathic brother. What do we see here? I mean, apart from Joss' own marriage? Certainly nothing that enforces feminism.

Giving the doctor a run for his role as the caring, loving, advice-giving, no-personality-or-opinions-of-her-own motherly character is the priestess. What does she even do on the ship apart from do her hair and talk nonsense (and having her personal possessions ripped apart by the residing crazy person)? Oh, oh, right, she was shot! That's so cool, a female character was shot, that's so totally liberating and new and radical! You know who else should be shot? The people who think this!

Moving on, past the most beaten and humble... oh, wait. The pilot. Right. Well, the pilot seat is where you stick the less important characters, and that's where Firefly's, surprise, female pilot is stuck. She stays at home, she doesn't go on missions, except when she whines until she gets her will. Thank you, Joss, for giving us these strong women characters, please don't do us any more favours. How much makeup does our pilot need every morning to cover up the bruises her husband gave her? No one can tell me that's an equal relationship...

But let's move on to the strong characters here. We're working our way up in the hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel. There's not, just so you know. Behold, the mighty warrior woman! Gun-toting maniac with sexily named weapons and... all the brains of something you scrape off the underside of a rock. Because armed, half-naked, inarticulate women who mostly just stand around and pose isn't any teenage boy's wet dream.

Right. From the servants, via the pilot chick, and the bodyguard, we reach the head honcho. A female! A female leader of a gang of thugs. Finally, some justice, right? She seems to run the place. But does she? Her second in command isn't seen saluting even once, he throws a sarcastic "sir" at the end of every sentence, and of course chooses to save his sextoy pilot/wife over his boss when there's trouble. The captain is constantly begging for scraps from the ship's own gigolo. The males at large - mechanic, lunatic, officer and gigolo - seem to roll their eyes at half of her orders. And of course, she can't be completely badass. You can't have a female character with both a smidgen of depth and a complete disregard for other people's happiness. No, she's female, so she has to care about sick people and whores and puppies. (Did we ever see them smuggle any beagles, hmm? Oh no, the captain must think of the puppies!)

So, in conclusion: we, the feminists of this planet (and any other planets where scum like Joss Whedon suppress the better gender), will not stand for this, and hereby denounce Joss from our ranks. Good riddance.
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