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Ficlet: A Second Round of Goodbyes

Title: A Second Round of Goodbyes
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Pairing/Character: Mal/Inara
Canon used: Series and BDM
Summary: If they would just get over themselves, they might realize that they would never have to say “goodbye.”
Universal Disclaimer Notice
Author’s Notes: The specific timeline for this piece is based on the Firefly Timeline by Edgar Governo, which places the events of “Objects in Space” in late May of 2518 and the events of the BDM in early August of the same year. I picked “Juno” as the name for the world where Inara was living with the other Companions in the movie. This plot is probably long since cliché, but I’m not well read in the Firefly fandom and this is my first adventure in writing in it. I wrote this for prompt_in_a_box. Happy reading!

Malcolm Reynolds leaned against the catwalk railing of the empty cargo bay...
Tags: - fanfiction, pairing: mal/inara, rating: pg
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