Parodie de Paradis (benelie) wrote in fireflyfans,
Parodie de Paradis

Serenity Complete - Some pictures!

I uploaded my gallery with the pictures of the first day and some of the second day's.

All the pictures are resized to 800x600. If you want them in HiRes, ask!
I have so many pictures from the second day, I couldn't put them on the gallery. If you are interrested on one talk in particular, I can show you all the pictures.

Firefly Guest: Adam Baldwin (Jayne), Ron Glass (Shepperd Book), Mark Sheppard (Badger), Richard Brooks (Jubal Early)

Come to my LJ to see a preview!
Tags: - photos/images, cast: adam baldwin, cast: mark sheppard, cast: richard brooks, cast: ron glass
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