GarrettPLC (garrettplc) wrote in fireflyfans,

Any Serenity RPG players here?

'allo there, all!

I just started an LJ, and was reminded by a friend that I should probably search around for those of like interests. So, of course, I start with Firefly.

I'm Nathan, a longtime Browncoat and equally longtime gamer. I'm a game designer by trade, and was fortunate to help design and write the Serenity RPG. I figured this here would be a good place to look for other folk who know or are interested in Firefly gaming, so if ye want to chat about it, drop me a line or friend me! I was (and am) planning on  using my LJ to discuss game design in a more general way, but if anyone wants to focus on Firefly/Serenity specifically, I'd be happy to do that here.

See ye round the 'verse!
Blessed be,
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