thatweirdgirl (tforawesome) wrote in fireflyfans,

Duct tape Shindig

I just wanted to pass along this awesome bit of creativity. Over on, TOLEDO932 shared efforts of making a Kaylee dress out of duct tape. Wow.

It was entered in the duct tape prom contest. It's held every year and the winners receive a scholarship. I encourage everyone that thinks this is incredible to go vote and help TOLEDO932 win some college money for loving Firefly.

Check it out!

Here's an update from VEXEM:

Young Browncoat trying to win a scholarship for Shindig inspired outfits made of Duck (duct) Tape - - Entry 4239
Currently 7th place of 10; 147 new votes, needs 1,027 for a scholarship, 7,564 to catch the leader. Voting ends at the end of June. You can vote daily after signing up.
Tags: - events/fundraising
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