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probably old news but:

And now Joss Whedon's SERENITY

let me just say Joss rocks! The entire room filled up to at least 4000 fans! I kid you not. When he came out he received a standing ovation! Me being the idiot, I forgot he created Buffy and Angel, shoot he also is a comic book writer, so of course there were many fans there. The first thing he says is, "I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU!" Now that's how you do it, take note Warner Bros. So the teaser for Serenity starts and let me tell you, it rocks! Cinematic quality and everyone was cheering. I think it will excel anything we have seen on the television show. Then he brought out the 9 main cast members! The place went nuts. They are not even finished filming yet. They told us if the film is a success they plan on doing a two more! A Serenity Trilogy, how cool would that be! You can tell they enjoy working together and Joss knows how to give fans what they want. Thank you Joss! Don't miss this movie Spring 2005. All in all, a great Comic-Con!
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