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"It's the End of the 'Verse As We Know It" update

Okay, here's the completed verse one:

That's odd! It starts with a Train Job
Jayne's a slob, and oh, my God!
All the girls are smokin' hot!

I am a floating leaf, listen to the wind swirl.
'Verse serves its own needs regardless of your own needs.
Fly us, Mister Wash, please! Jayne, go sit down!
River's been delivered in a coffin-sized airtight.
Why do we conspire? The Alliance is enganged
In a government desire to control your life!
Miranda's where we're going in a fever
With the Reavers breathing down...our...necks!
Creeping by on minimal power, keep fingers crossed.
Look at all those ships! Gor! Ram!
Uh oh, here we go, population's littering the city streets!
Move your feet deadbeat!
'Verse serves its own needs, Reavers hear your heart beat!
Parody the Rapture and the Armageddon out! Of! Here!
We're vitriolic, hyperbolic, fifteen percent alcoholic
Heroes! Damn! Big!

It's the end of the 'Verse as we know it!
It's the end of the 'Verse as we know it!
It's the end of the 'Verse as we know it!
(God, oh God, we're going to die!)*
And I feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnne!

*I'm not sure about this one, but it does scan...
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