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9 August 2004

Hi Roj

I just got over the worst cold of my life. I had the shivers, the runny nose, the sore throat, the fever, no appetite, etc. The whole shebang. It sucked. I spent most of my weekend holed up in a hot bath and drowning myself with juice and taking lots of vitamins. FUN! To make matters a bit worse, I think I got Alan Tudyk sick, too. He came to work today with a fever and a stuffy nose. Whoops.

I'm still feeling a little weak, so I'm going to be taking it easy the next few days. We just did a loooong scene today where we're walking up and down these stairs. The whole scene took place on three flights of stairs, walking up and down and up and down, so that was interesting. My legs are going to be so sore tomorrow. We did get to work with a couple of "new actors" today, Yan and Raphael Feldman, who are the absolute shit, if you ask me. They are fantastic actors, look great, and fit right in with our usual on-set hyjinks. I can't wait to see this scene cut together.

Adam Baldwin has found a "rescue dog", a little collie mix with long ears and black spots. He's adorable. I almost wanted to ask him if I could have him. I fell in love. So now I'm not the only one that brings my dog to work, which takes some of the guilt off of me.... I hate to be a person to cause trouble, but I don't want her to be at home all day long by herself, and I can't help that if my husband's out of town. So she hides out in my trailer and we find inconspicuous pieces of grass for her to do her biz on. But I'm glad I'm not the only one now. I'm pretty sure dogs aren't allowed on the lot, too... so I hope no security personnel read this.

My last day of work is coming up soon!! What is up with that? What happened? Time literally flew by. They actually asked us what kind of music we wanted played at our wrap party the other day, which must mean we're nearing the end soon. That's going to be a sad day. Bittersweet, because I get to go home to Vancouver, but really, really sad to be leaving everyone. (until next time!!!)

My husband gets home tonight from Vancouver, finally. He's been gone just under a week, but that's still a little too long for me. I love that we've known each other for almost five years, and we still miss each other this much. I can't stand to be away from him. Even when I'm mad at him, I can't stand to be away from him.

Anyway, tonight I have HUGE plans. I've ordered a pizza and I'm going to give myself a manicure. Gee, the glamorous life of an actress. I should be doing the enormous pile of laundry waiting for me in the corner, or cleaning the bathrooms, but that all sounds really boring. The next time I write, it'll be after my "picture wrap".


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