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It's the End of the 'Verse As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Okay, in this post and this post (in both _the_firefly_ and fireflyfans), I first suggested and then previewed my filk of R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" about Firefly/Serenity.

I at first thought I was going to have to re-watch the series and movie in order to write the whole thing, but between last night as this morning, my brain seems to have managed to access enough of my memories of the show for me to finish it.

I humbly submit the lyrics here for your edification and review.

It's the End of the 'Verse As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Music by R.E.M., lyrics by Eben Brooks

That's odd! It starts with a Train Job
Jayne's a slob, and oh, my God!
All the girls are smokin' hot!

I am a floating leaf, listen to the wind swirl.
'Verse serves its own needs regardless of your own needs.
Fly us, Mister Wash, please! Jayne, go sit down!
River's been delivered in a coffin-sized airtight.
Why do we conspire? The Alliance is enganged
In a government desire to control your life!
Miranda's where we're going in a fever
With the Reavers breathing down...our...necks!
Creeping by on minimal power, keep fingers crossed.
Look at all those ships! Gor! Ram!
Uh oh, here we go, population's littering the city streets!
Move your feet, deadbeat!
'Verse serves its own needs, Reavers hear your heart beat!
Parody the Rapture and the Armageddon out! Of! Here!
We're vitriolic, hyperbolic, fifteen percent alcoholic
Heroes! Damn! Big!

It's the end of the 'Verse as we know it!
It's the end of the 'Verse as we know it!
It's the end of the 'Verse as we know it!
(God, oh God, we're going to die!)
And I feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnne!

Simon Tam, he's a surgeon, got a lot o' book-learnin'.
Dunno how to talk to girls. Listens to the wind swirl.
Here's a guy in uniform, a Book-burning black man
In ev'ry manner rebprobate, working for the police state.
In a battle in a valley, beat down, beat down,
Watching bombs crush crush! Uh oh!
This means no staff golden calf, renegade space craft
Turning our misfortune into private enterprise.
Offer me a bounty, offer me protection,
I despise your lies!

(Chorus x2)

The other night we tripped across cargo that we couldn't toss,
So we had to take a loss. WHAT! THE! HELL! JOSS?
Running from mobsters, River kills the monsters,
Kiss the girl, oh, damn! Big mistake! BOOM!
We're idiotic, histrionic Big Damn Heroes!
Right? Right!

(Chorus x3 or 4)

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