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Halloween costume question

For Halloween, I was planning to dress up as River Tam in the episode Safe. For my costume, would I have to buy anything other than her dress/skirt, sweater, and boots? I've been looking at screencaps but I can't tell if she wears anything else like necklaces or bracelets in any of the scenes. I was also looking at buying combat boots to wear with this costume. Since I don't have experience buying combat boots, which brand would be recommended? I need a pair that would either come close to or match the pair she wears and that would be comfortable to wear. I'm looking at wearing them more than once. I'm in the U.S. and I have access to a Wal-mart, Target, and JC Penny, but I may have access to a few more stores. I can't remember what stores are in town at the moment. Unfortunately, I can't order online.

Edited to add a few more questions


I found the boots and I wanted to thank everyone for their help.
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