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I am a leaf on the wind...

A couple of days ago I had to transfer the overheated guts of my PC into a new case with adequate cooling facilities. While this was happening, my laptop was pressed into service as entertainment while I worked. When selecting a DVD, my finger stopped at the spine of my Firefly box-set and, seeing as I've not watched it in ages (too much of a good thing and all that) I thought, "why not?"

I'd forgotten just how much I love the show, how great the characters are and how much I want my own Firefly class vessel to roam the 'verse in.

I've always like the space-ship to be a bit knackered and falling to bits. That gives it soul - makes it another character. I feel just as fondly about Starbug and The Millennium Falcon. The Enterprise is clean, clinical and thus about as soulful and endearing as a plank of wood. When it was blown up / crashed / destroyed, no tears were shed. Just build a new one and slap the next letter on it.

But how, in the name of all that is good and righteous, could you build a new Millennium Falcon. Why did the Red Dwarf crew always rebuild Starbug? What possible circumstances would lead to Serenity - A? The answer is that the crews of these respective vessels, weather they acknowledged it or not, view(ed) their ships as something more than something to get around in. They are homes, means of doing business and, more often than not, protection.

Never is this bond between ship and crew more evident than in the Firefly universe. From the get go, we see the subtle hints that the crew (well some more than others) have a great fondness for Serenity.

We, the viewer, are also sucked in. Sure we may love the characters (I do) for different reasons but we also fall in love with the one common love they all have.

The ship.

Having watched all the series from start to finish, falling in love with it all over again, I have just watched Serenity again. As well as the fighting, the humour, the gunplay and the deep, profound messages the film puts across, I still wince everytime Serenity hits the deck at Mr. Universe's compound and also everytime it crashes into something. When it comes to rest I found, at the first time of watching, I had my hands over my mouth in shock. Shock that was only matched when Wash (the character I am most like!) is killed - and yes, I cried like a baby at that one!

I suppose what I am saying is that Serenity is a place I would like to be, very much.

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