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8 October 2004

Hi Roj

I thought I'd write since some things have come into play in the last few weeks. First of all, I've landed a role in a great project called "Widow on the Hill". It's a Lifetime movie, which means it'll air on TV and then go to DVD, most likely, but the script is really wonderful. And my character is very dark and troubled, which is a nice change. It's a very dramatic, suspenseful story about a... well, I can't tell you. I can say this: James Brolin plays my beloved Daddy, and Natasha Henstridge is also starring.

"Widow" is filming in Toronto, and for a month, so my husband has decided to join me here to keep me company. Thank God it's worked out so when I'm working, he's not, and vice versa. It's so nice to have a little bit of family with you when you're away from home so much, you know? And he's my best friend, so I can tell him anything and do anything. I can laugh till I'm crying or cry till I'm laughing, and he never judges me.

So it looks like once we get home, we're off to Maryland for another convention, this one called Galaxy Con. I hear it's smaller than the "Biggies", like DragonCon, but the people involved seem real nice, and we have to spread the "Serenity" word, right? AS MUCH as possible.

A little birdie just told me the film may be cut together already. I hear it looks AMAZING. I am very jealous that this little birdie got to see it before me, but those are the breaks when you're living far away. But it's still very exciting to know that Serenity is past yet another stage, and is now probably going through special effects stuff and what-not. I cannot WAIT to see this movie!

And I know I've said that a million times already.

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, but we're spending it doing wardrobe fittings, rehearsals, cast readthroughs, and a cast dinner... all the stuff we must do to "prep" before a movie starts actually filming. We go to camera on Tuesday (the 12th). Wish me luck, and I'll keep in touch.

Off to be dramatic and troubled,

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