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(SPOILER) Serenity news from White Room

Finding That Feeling Of "Serenity"
Posted: Monday November 1st, 2004 8:08pm
Author: Garth Franklin

At the recent White Room convention in Heathrow, "Firefly" cast members Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau and Morena Baccarin attended and talked about the upcoming film spin-off "Serenity". 'Mikey' was on hand to file this report:

"During the panel they said:

Morena: - 'I can tell you that you're not going to be disappointed. You're going to see a lot of things you've not seen before that you've wanted to see."

Nathan:- 'In the series, the mere mention of these would send fear into the heart of the bravest Jayne Cobb. In Serenity, the Reavers are right here."

Morena: - 'They're very scary."

Nathan: - 'You''d be having lunch, and they''d be across from you, and you'd be like sir, you lip is pinned back, and some of your hair is missing and your eye is hanging out."

Nathan refused to answer questions about Mal and Inara, and what we may or may not see regarding them in the film, but did start giving out Alliance dollar notes to anyone who asked a question, stolen from the set. Morena also told us, if the movie is successful, all nine actors are locked in. She has more action in the film, and actually got bruises on her neck one day from being manhandled.

Nathan has one scene, a close up where he falls into a close framed shot, hard, similar to his first death as Caleb in Buffy - he was dissatisfied with that, feeling his landing was too soft, so he was determined to make this new shot a harder, more realistic fall. Six takes later, he was regretting that decision. He has no nude scenes in the movie, but will be seen shirtless (all girlies in the audience are a mix of excited 'oohs" and disappointed 'ahhs").

The rebuilt ship took up a huge soundstage on Universal - the cargo bay & sickbay along one side, the top deck and bridge across the other. While they were filming the final scenes on the bridge, they were already tearing down the cargo bay across the stage - Nathan said it was very difficult to see it coming down a second time, as he had watched it come down when the series was axed. As already stated, the sets are largely the same, but there is 'more character, more detail" - Morena said it was like going home and finding someone had rearranged the furniture, the same but different. Nathan said 'there are cool flat plasma screens on the bridge."

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