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fic: multiple choice (1/1)

Title: Multiple Choice
Author: hecatescurse
Fandom: Firefly
Malcolm Reynolds/Simon Tam
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2241
Disclaimer: I don’t own Firefly or Serenity. I wish I owned Mal.
Spoilers/Warnings: This takes place after Serenity, but I don’t think there are specific spoilers. There’s an alluded spoiler.
Summary: Mal has four answers prepared if Simon ever asks him why he’s fussing over him (despite the fact that Mal doesn’t fuss). Only one of them is actually true.
Author’s Note: The prompt for this was, “They need to lay low for a while and Mal takes one of the Tams to keep them safe. It becomes far more romantic when Inara sends them to a 'safehouse' that is built for Companions.” This is my first time actually writing Firefly fic, so I hope it turned out alright! And a huge thank you to rocketgirl2 for the beta job!

Inara notices that he never questions Simon surviving the Alliance. That, at least, is fact for Mal. )
Tags: - fanfiction, pairing: mal/simon, rating: pg13
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