Sid (neoengel) wrote in fireflyfans,

A shout-out to Firefly in a newspaper feature on my costuming efforts

Hey there, some folks might remember be as that Canadian Jayne Cobb at DragonCon and the Polaris (Formerly Toronto Trek) convention a while back.  Well, the local paper has a feature that profiles people in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada who do interesting things, such as a police dispatcher, a geocacher and a track coach in his 70's.  I got contacted for a photographer to follow my colleagues at an event in my ALIENS costume.

So what does any of this have to do with Firefly?

Watch the photo slide show in the early parts during my outfit preperation for a view of one of the iconic symbols of Firefly, and in the text write up you'll see another shout-out to Firely ;)

Click on the black and white photo to start the narrated photo montage

Hope to see who I can at DragonCon in September :) Cheers


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