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I don't think that Inara is a *whore* character... I think shes supposed to be like a Japanese Geisha, one who is trained in conversation, dance, companionship, and stroking EGO...

I see her as well-traveled and full of grace. In wonderful contrast to Mel's rough and tumble attitude. Don't forget that he may not care much for her becuase of his political (alliance) beliefs - not just becuase of her profession.

I hope, if this show has the ability to be long-running, that they won't put them together until they know the show is over. Moonlighting will never reover from breaking their love/hate tention.

But we'll never know if the show gets cancelled. And that would be a shame. I really, really hope that they leave us to see what happens next. This is a funny, funny, entertaining show with great characters.

I know that pepople don't like Inara that much, but I think she'll be really good as the show goes forward.

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