oh wicked one (wicked_goddess) wrote in fireflyfans,
oh wicked one

Possible Firefly Rececption in Los Angeles

This was posted on the Official Serenity Board. I really want to be able to go to this, so if you know anyone who could attend, please respond to the original post. She needs 50 people to make this happen.

"A possible Firefly reception
at Grand Slam for Nathan and Adam. In order to make this work we'd need to
get a guarantee of at least 50 people. The cost would be $65 per person and
it would be held at Delmonicos, the fantastic restaurant across the street
from the Pasadena Center. It would be a Happy Hour (probably 5-6 pm) on Saturday.
March 12 and the menu would feature:
- Stuffed Mushrooms
- Chicken Skewers
- Seafood Cakes
- Veggie Platters with Dips
As well as complimentary Well Cocktails, House Wine and Draft Beer.

If you can get us at least 50 people to guarantee they will buy tickets to
this function we'll make it happen. FYI the day is subject to change
depending on the Serenity shooting schedule."

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