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New Review: Firefly 1.10

I loved this episode the first time I saw it, and I think I appreciate it even more every time I rewatch it. There's so much in this episode that wouldn't be done on any other series, and that's just in terms of the character development. It's hard to believe that the FOX network didn't see the quality of this series, even when episodes like this and "Objects in Space" came across their desk. And yet, there's plenty of room on the schedule for shows like "Fastlane"...

Here's my review for Firefly 1.10: "War Stories" (DVD version):

Overall, this episode is another excellent example of character development, once again spinning out of the plot and character elements established in the first several episodes of the season. The brutal and honest nature of the story is never obscured, and the characters reveal important depths in the process. This is a highlight for the character of Wash, who finally gets some real development, becoming much more than the comic relief.

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