Abbey (abberellax) wrote in fireflyfans,

New fan and I've been holding off making a introduction post. Because I've only seen 1-3(I think) I've been watchin on bittorrent. :) DVDRIPED! lmao. I love RIVER. :) Eh I think my second favorite chara is Simon then Kaylee.:) Bleh I thought In third episode that they were really gonna kick Simon and Rivers off the Serenity. I was like WHAT? no! lol.

heh I've seen Jewel Straite in so many things. Like that nicklodean show LONG time ago.. it was called space somethin I cannot remember and she had this rainbow wig on her head.. and then she was on a disney show called Flash Forward with Ben Foster. :)

I'm also a btvs & Angel fan and of course one of my favorite characters are Drusilla,Fred,illyria,spike :)
I'm such a sucker for the underdogs :)
Then again Xander & Willow..were underdogs too.:)
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