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*Spolier Free Review* From ATL Screening

Cross posted from my LJ (more critical review to follow)

"You Can't Stop The Signal"

Its the movie's tagline. Its not just a statement of fact. Its a call to action. The're are no words that convey the greatness that is "Serenity". Their just isn't. You, I, we have to get the word out. We have to convert new fans and get people into theaters to show them just what they are missing.

You Can't Stop The Signal.

I won't stop; I'll never stop.

A more critical review.

Its Firefly. Its Epic. Its Whedon writing on a whole new scale. He'll make you laugh when you want to cry. He'll make you gasp when you should be laughing. And of course there's the action...oh god is their the action.

Yes, the movie is completley accessible to new fans. In brief moments that never ruin the pacing of the movie you'll learn everything you need to know about each character be it how they interact with another, one liner, or...whatever.

The only way you could tell this version of the film was unfinished is that some scenes needed light or color correction. Everything else looks complete, even the SFX.

And if your a fan of the'll get your pay off moments. And you'll curse Whedon for leaving enough mystery that leaves you hungry.
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