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New alternate universe fanfic/fan community for Serenity and after

I have created a new fanfic/fan community for an alternate universe in which the movie Serenity ends differently. Fanfic authors and fans who have seen Serenity (or who want to be thoroughly spoiled) are invited to read the description behind the LJ cut and please join if this is something that interests them.

As many of you already know I think Joss's decision to kill Wash at the end of Serenity ruined the movie.

If my Save Wash! efforts in the bargaining stage of grief are unsuccessful, I plan to move back to the denial stage, where I will build a little cottage and live out the rest of my days. :)

Alternate universe fanfic is common for many other shows. Let's create an alternate universe in which Wash survives, starting with rewriting the ending of Serenity and then going forward with post-Serenity stories that include Wash. I've created a new LiveJournal community, washlives serenityspoilau. Everyone who objects to Wash's death, or who likes playing with alternate universes, is invited to join and participate. Once we have some stories written we can set up a website to archive the collection.

I've read tons of fanfic but have never written my own before, so I would really really appreciate the input and contributions of experienced fanfic authors. This is also the first time I've created/moderated a LiveJournal community and would appreciate tips on how to do that as well. Please let me know of any other communities you think I should post this request in besides fireflyfans and serenityspoiler.

Beginning September 30th millions more fans will be walking out of those theaters unable to accept Wash's death. Let's have a place for them to go.

The comments of this post will likely contain spoilers too, read at your own risk.
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