Megan (lyea) wrote in fireflyfans,

From A Fan Who Has Not Seen the Movie:

To all you guys who are pissed:

Is there a way you could tell me what you are pissed about without spoiling me? I would have asked in comments, but the comments are full of spoilers-- I suppose maybe I'm asking for the least-spoilery way you can do it.

I do NOT want to know (so just say it's impossible to tell me) if it's something integral to the plot of the movie.

I however DO want to know if it's something trivial to the plot, but perhaps crosses lines with the TV show. Sound in space, or other things of that nature. Maybe there's not enough interpersonal plot, or Book isn't in it enough (I've not seen the movie, so these are speculations of me) or Kaylee gets a boyfriend that isn't Simon--if she does don't tell me who, just tell me she doesn't.

I noticed you guys were mentioning the ending. Don't tell me if it's the ending. Also, this may be repetitive, but jacqueline1776, while an internet campaign may get them to change something trivial-- like possibly sound in space, which is why I'm asking-- I'm pretty sure they're not going to change the entire script.

Anyway. Do not read the comments if you don't want to know. And thank you everyone for responding, even if it's to tell me you CAN'T tell me without spoiling me.
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