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A Raging Flower In The Brickyard

Non-Spoliery ...On feeling the heat cause you didn't love it

Agree not with your Jedi Master, do you?
Then true fan you are not.
And also stupid.

It seems that to an enclave of individuals who perpetually root for the underdog, fight the dark forces and cheer on the resistance, expressing dissent wouldn't be such a problem.

For the record: Serenity, I'm just not that into you.

That said, I love the worlds of Joss Whedon, I love his Slayers and vampires with souls, I love his broody captains and married couple space cowboys. I love his wit and his insight, but bless The Powers That Be, as a movie-goer, Serenity just didn't do it for me.

From my on-line browsing it seems that a good deal of folks out there agree with me. A number of them, though, don’t. And by don’t, I mean really, really don’t. Those people, in fact, think I’m stupid, shallow and blasphemous. Comments regarding my own disappointment were met with anger, shock and far more than one reply of, “I may not have loved what happened in the film, but I trust Joss.”

Trust him to do what?

I trust Joss (and every other filmmaker) to raise questions, to make me think, to teach me and entertain me, but ultimately I trust them to show me a movie I enjoy.

I felt the same kind of backlash during the height of The Matrix phenomenon. It seemed that every third internet user claimed if you didn’t love The Matrix, it was only because you didn’t understand it. The “trust Joss” contingent is eerily similar, expecting fans to accept Whedon’s intentions and not the tangible product of 2 hours of film. They seem to say that if you don’t like Serenity, well… you should, because it’s Joss’ story to do with as he pleases.

But that doesn’t mean is that it’s good (which in this case it was kinda good), and it sure as hell doesn’t mean I’ll like it.

Contrary to the implications of some, it doesn’t mean I don’t get it, that somehow non-squeers don’t understand the ‘Verse, the characters or the creator. I appreciate that it's Joss' story to tell, but ultimately if it's not emotionally satisfying to me, I'm not going to support the film or recommend it to friends.

Now with that out of the way, isn’t the whole we’re-right-and-you-don’t-get-it shit, how most of those apocalyptic sci-fi things get started anyway.
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