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Allergic to spoilers

Just looking for an answer here... one of my friends got to see an advance screening, the lucky dog, and when I asked her, she said "sometimes yes, sometimes no," which made the floaty question mark of doom appear above my head.

The question I asked, was "What of sound in space?" The trailer had loud rumbling of the ships in space and explosions and all sorta of crap that wasn't in the series, and for the good reason that there is no sound in space that humans are capable of hearing... anyhow, I'm not looking to be spoiled, otherwise I would have read every synopsis of the movie and would therefore know. Sad to say, I'll be sore pissed off and disappointed in Mr. Whedon if "Serenity" goes the ways of every crappy sci-fi show and movie out there.

Anyhow, just hoping for an answer. Thanks.
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