Demento Mstie (dementomstie) wrote in fireflyfans,
Demento Mstie

Where's the Sacramento love?

Why is it that I a spoiler free fan haven't heard anything from the Sacramento screening? Sure, it was technically in Roseville, but that shouldn't have stopped it from happening. Where's the posts from people in Sacramento that made it to the show? I know I'm not the only one because I couldn't get to the show, so WHERE IS EVERYONE? Uh, yeah. OH, also, first post, love the show and the usual things that are said. The main reason I was wondering is I was thinking of how every show had people show up and I was thinking it would really be lame if not only did I miss a show but I missed the show where Alan Tudyk was, so I'd like to know who was at which show so I can go Woot(as in he wasn't there) or Darn(he was there).
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