October 4th, 2002

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Firefly is NOT on tonight in the NY/NJ area. The yankee's are on, and although thats nice it means Firefly is postponed (as well as John Doe) till Sunday night at 8.
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Intro: Hi, I'm Indigo, and I'm diggin' on Firefly.

I missed the first episode but kerydd and closer2myself gave me a quick recap before last week's episode.

Last week was pretty good. It was one of those Aliens type tension builders it seemed, and I was pleased, because Joss paced and wrote it so well that I had figured out where he was going with the plot -- then he threw me a big old distraction ball and I went for it, so I was surprised that he took the plot where I thought it was going in the first place. I don't normally fall for that, so I was impressed he caught me.

But this week's episode cemented me firmly.

I am the Zoe fan, plain and simple.

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