October 19th, 2002

  • greyhat

DIY, Firefly style

Remember that Joss Whedon said "blue sun" in an interview, as if it was a big secret? Remember that Jayne wears a Blue Sun tee-shirt in the "Bushwhacked" episode? Well, now you can make your very own Blue Sun tee-shirt, just like Jayne's! Print it onto an iron-on sheet, and iron away. (I recommend a worn, grey tee-shirt, but the cut-off sleeves are optional.) I recreated the graphic from debchan's helpful screencaps.

Blue Sun thumbnail

Blue Sun thumbnail
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Sexy Jayne in his Blue Sun tee-shirt

p.s. Please consider crediting me for the recreation, debchan for the screencaps, and Joss Whedon for the original idea, if you link or post my image elsewhere. Be excellent to each other.
  • essobie

Jaynestown... Joss Whedon 2, Other Writers 0

So far my original theory is still holding true. Episodes written by or partially by Joss Whedon have been either pretty good or fantastic (Train Job and Our Mrs. Reynolds respectively).

The other writers on the show seem to be missing the sharp dialog, the interesting character interaction, and the plausible plots required to make a fun and entertaining episode. Last night's episode was written entirely by Ben Edlund, the creator of the Tick, which I think was a fantastically funny cartoon AND live action series (too bad it competed with a popular season of Survivor when it started...). I expected it to completely rock, even though Joss didn't co-write. But I think it missed that mark by some distance.

There were a few interesting moments in last night's episode, but for the most part I thought it was predictable and juvenile. Maybe it's supposed to be predictable and juvenile... it is a Friday Night Prime Time series, right?

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Hopefully next week won't suck... but I fear it may since Tim Minear (writer of episode 2: Bushwacked) is at the helm next week. I continue to cross my fingers and hope that the people who decide if Firefly stays on the air are only watching every other episode....