October 30th, 2002

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Kimberly Hirsh

DATE: October 29, 2002
HEADLINE: . Firefly: Immediate Assistance campaign announces new website at www.fireflysupport.com

The Firefly: Immediate Assistance campaign announced its new website at www.fireflysupport.com. The campaign was formed on October 25, 2002 to show appreciations and support for the FOX Network show Firefly created by Joss Whedon. Fans were so excited by the news that FOX had requested an additional three scripts that they wanted to find ways to show their appreciation to both FOX and the sponsors. Kimberly Hirsh, owner and manager of JossWhedon.net and JossisaHottie.com, organized the campaign to coordinate the voices of Firefly supporters.

The Immediate Assistance campaign consists of three phases. The first involves sending postcards thanking Fox Executives for giving Firefly a home. The second phase is a similar postcard campaign directed at the show’s advertisers thanking them for their support. The third is a fundraising endeavor directed at purchasing a half page ad in The Hollywood Reporter.

Supporters of Firefly can find a variety of information at www.fireflysupport.com including progress reports on the campaign, addresses for writing to FOX and the sponsors, the status of fund-raising, and promotional materials. Fans interested in advertising the site can find banners, instant messenger icons and e-mail invitations.

Firefly: Immediate Assistance has already received support from several sources. Angela Wing of Enygma Productions (www.enygmaproductions.com) donated the web hosting for the new site. Kai Cole, Firefly creator Joss Whedon's wife also expressed their personal support for the campaign’s efforts.

More information is available at www.fireflysupport.com