December 7th, 2002



Glad to be aboard.....There is a huge debate over the hot-n-spicey Inara scene from last nights War Stories ep. People are getting flamed left and right. Is it what the show needs? Possibly. Is it crazy addictive and interesting? Fo-sho! Anyways, I am glad to even be on LJ, let alone belong in a Firefly fan group. Now, who has sent away for the signed Mal pic and recipe for low-fat 7 layer bean dip? I know I have! YATTA!

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Official fanclub...

Though I'm sure it's just going to be used for spam, It'd probably be a good idea for everyone who's already signed the "Save Firefly" petition to also join the Official Fox Fanclub:

While you're at it, create about 10 different throw-away yahoo and hotmail addresses, and sign them up as well. The more numbers FOX sees (in any form) the better the show's chances are gonna be.