December 9th, 2002

Large Tomato Watch


I don't think that Inara is a *whore* character... I think shes supposed to be like a Japanese Geisha, one who is trained in conversation, dance, companionship, and stroking EGO...

I see her as well-traveled and full of grace. In wonderful contrast to Mel's rough and tumble attitude. Don't forget that he may not care much for her becuase of his political (alliance) beliefs - not just becuase of her profession.

I hope, if this show has the ability to be long-running, that they won't put them together until they know the show is over. Moonlighting will never reover from breaking their love/hate tention.

But we'll never know if the show gets cancelled. And that would be a shame. I really, really hope that they leave us to see what happens next. This is a funny, funny, entertaining show with great characters.

I know that pepople don't like Inara that much, but I think she'll be really good as the show goes forward.
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Fan Stuffs

As Firefly fans, we are bound to create in inspiration of the show. I was wondering what minna-san (everyone) was doing? Fan-fic? Short stories? Art? I myself am working on a doujinshi based on Firefly. It is coming along quite nicely. Maybe we can do a crazy Firefly fan omnibus, and put a bunch-o-crap in it.....or not. I would like to know what you guys think....


As far as the MP3 theme, I've got one, but it's got all the sound effects in it too, like Serenity's thrusters and all....Does anyone know where to get a *clean* mp3 of the theme? Song gives me goosebumps when I hear it: FIREFLY IS ON!! Does that happen to anyone else?
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