December 13th, 2002

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Rest in Peace, Serenity

Dear Fans of Firefly,

I hate to be the person to break the news, but both Tim Minear and Adam Baldwin have pretty much confirmed the cancellation of Firefly over this past night. They both thanked us for flying with them, and weren't sure if Fox was planning on airing all the episodes that they had or not.

Let's be honest now: Fox Ruins Everything. I could cry, and that's not good.

This show could have been one of the greats, and I'm sorry it will never get to reach its full potential.
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We ain't dead yet.

Firefly: Immediate Assistance is going to launch a campaign to sell the show to networks other than Fox. Yes, it was produced in house, but if they can still make money on it they'll be interested.

Don't give up.

Objects in Space

Richard Brooks sure knows how to drop the temperature in a room. An EXCELLENT choice for a guest star. He and Summer Glau work well together.

Good job on another intriguing episode Joss Whedon!
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the Friday the 13th Bad Luck of Firefly being cancelled is mitigated by how amazing this episode is.

River ain't quite right.
Mal remains the mac daddy of space.