December 15th, 2002

dancing indigo

firefly filk

Take the remote from my hand
My friday nights are always planned
I'd like it if I could see
Please don't take my show from me

Go out later, want to see
The crew of the Serenity
My favourite thing on TV
Please don't take my show from me

In my home is where I'll be
when Firefly is on TV
Please don't take my show from me

...don't think it'll be worth much from the standpoint of letter writing but the notion got in my head and would not go away until I wrote it.
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what happens if it's really gone?

Let's assume the worst for a moment: that Firefly is gone, no network picks it up, and it's gone forever. What do we lose?

  • Who is Book? He's mysterious in ways. "That ain't a shepherd." Damn...there's a lot to do with that character.

  • Has Jayne really reformed? We've seen little things showing he may be heading that way (i.e.sharing the apples, shrinking back from Mal during their little spat in "Objects in Space", etc.).

  • What "powers" does River have? Are they natural? Were they created by the Alliance doctors who operated on her? You'd think that they chose her due to some predilection for psychic ability or something and that their choice wasn't just random.

  • Will Niska still pursue the crew of Serenity? My guess is that he'd be a recurring villain.

  • Will Early show up again (yes, there are ways it could happen)?

  • And so many other interesting possibilities I can't even count them all...but we'll never know.

Joss, you have created a wonderful show here. The cast and crew are amazing. The writers have done some great things. The production is of the highest quality. Firefly is an incredible hour of television. I commend everyone involved with Firefly. You are an incredibly creative and talented bunch of folks.

Fox executives, you're a bunch of stupid morons. You air puerile bullshit most of the time. You have a reputation for starting a great series and killing it before it has had a chance to gain momentum. You have done this with Firefly, and I'm angry. My wish is that Firefly will be picked up by someone else and aired successfully for many years, depriving you of viewers and income, and leaving you wishing you'd never fucked up.

The premise of Firefly has special meaning for me. I know, it sounds silly, but it does. I connected with the show like no other sci-fi I've watched in years. It's a show about normal folk, busting their asses, buying a crappy old ship, fixing it up, and taking live free. It's a universal dream, and it was given a wonderful setting and population in Firefly.

If Firefly doesn't survive, I sincerely hope that the dream will go on. The dream of living free, of exploring, of taking off for points unknown and breathing the breath of adventure. Take this dream and make it your own. Don't "make a living"; LIVE!

No one can take the sky from me!
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dancing indigo


okay, since I know I'm not alone, I forced up the gumption to mail a postcard to the effort.

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I sent it out via's website.

EDIT: Actually the usps website only lets you send plain old blank cards. Bummer, huh?

Hope folk like it.
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