December 18th, 2002



Gomen-nasai, minna-san...No posties from me as of late. Lost my job, but also, I have been MANDATING my family and frinds to watch the Bounty Hunter ep tht I taped....I was floored with that one. It makes me almost want to crfy, because the series is getting SO damn good...and this mixed feeling of impending doom...I will try to stay positive. Anyways, I might be going out on a limb here, but I must say that of all the eps I've seen, this last one has now become my favorite. Does anyone agree? Disagree? Either way, it kicked ass. Did anyone catch the actors name? Or even his chara name? I might be dense, since I've seen it like times now, but I don't recall his name. Anyways, his New Rock boots kicked ass too.....