December 20th, 2002

stargate atlantis - sheppard flyboy

Cast in other movies?

I watched "Gargantua" with Adam Baldwin last night on Sci-Fi. *sniff* Anyone else wince a little at the scene where he's talking to the woman who is cutting her fruit with a knife? Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions for movies to rent that feature our beloved Firefly cast. Where should I start?

Um, thanks FOX, I guess...

Riiiiight. Someone explain to me again what exactly was wrong with "Serenity" that it had to be retooled into the below-average(at least in comparison) "The Train Job"? It was awesome, IMO. The first hour set up the pitch, the second hour knocked it out of the park. No forced(and rushed) character exposition, good acting, and action! So why did FOX send it back for unecessary makover?

*blink, blink*