December 28th, 2002

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Hello all! (ashamed to admit I finally figured out how to post to a community, but I've been a member a couple of weeks...)

Anyhow, a post not so long ago mentioned all the mysteries we'll never know the answer to if Firefly doesn't get picked up by someone else. This saddes me greatly and was the first thing I thought of when I heard the show might be cancelled. I'm curious:

1) Has anyone heard anything about the relative success/failure of our mail campaign? I know Joss' latest word said he would move on things more after Christmas. Just curious if we've heard anything from the UPN side of things.


2) Might there be any plans to continue the story in some other form if UPN does not pick it up? Novels for instance?

I too was looking forward to action figures and the like. I would love to have my own little plastic poseable Mal! ;)

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